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A necklace of 32 islands and cays in the secluded Southern Caribbean, St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) boasts a verdant topography, pristine beaches, and turquoise waters that are ideal for sailing enthusiasts. This constellation of close-knit islands is one of the most sought-after sailing destinations in the world and has naturally become a hub for yachts, schooners and all manner of sailing vessels.

Plot your course through tranquil atolls stretching over 40 miles, exploring islets populated by a handful of palms, seabirds and turtles. St. Vincent and the Grenadines offers an idyllic setting for salty dogs to amateur sailors eager to track the wind. Drop anchor at a remote sandbar for a picnic lunch, or moor at one of the nine inhabited islands – St. Vincent, Young Island, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau, Union Island, Palm Island or Petit St. Vincent; or discover the uninhabited remote Tobago Cays, a protected marine park made up of five islets bordered by a giant horseshoe reef. The Tobago Cays offers some of the Caribbean’s best snorkeling or a beach barbeque is always an option. Movie buffs may recognize Walliabou Bay anchorage in St. Vincent which was the main site of the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: The curse of the Black Pearl.

Discover a community rooted in a rich marine history on Bequia, the exclusive celebrity scene on Mustique, the deserted crescent beaches and sleepy hilltop village in Mayreau. While individualized itineraries can be designed beforehand, a typical one week sail will cover approximately 90 miles of cruising with distances between islands ranging from two to five hours. While breakfast and lunch are typically taken aboard, there are a host of local restaurants on the inhabited islands that offer a great alternative for dinner.

Yacht Charter Operators

Barefoot Yachts

T: + 1 (784) 456-9334/456-9526
F: + 1 (784) 456-9238 
E: bookings@barefootyachts.com
W: https://barefootyachts.com

Friendship Rose

T: +1 (784) 457-3739/457-3888/529-8046/455-0969

E: friendshiprose@mac.com
E: sail@friendshiprose.com
W: www.friendshiprose.com
F: @thefriendshiprose

Horizon Yacht Charters

T: (473) 439-1002/954-376-6053
E: info@horizonstvincent.com 
W:  https://horizonyachtcharters.com

Octopus Yacht Charter

T: +1 (784) 432 5201
E: hello@octopus-caribbean.com 
W: www.octopus-caribbean.com/the-yacht

Sail, Relax, Explore

T: +1 (784) 495-0886/457-3888/+44 (0)800 0484814
E: sailrelaxexplore@mac.com 
W: www.sailrelaxexplore.com

Sail Grenadines

T: + 1 (784) 533-2909/457 3590/+1 855 533 5035/+44 (0) 800 321 3801
E: info@sailgrenadines.com 
W: www.sailgrenadines.com 
I: @sail_grenadines
F: @sailsvg

S/Y Calliope of Arne

T: +1 (758) 518-0272
E: yachtcalliope@live.com 
W: www.calliopeyachtcharters.com

Wind & Sea

T: +1 (784) 458-8678/458-8878
E: windandsealtd@gmail.com/
W: http://grenadineswindandsea.com 



Blue Lagoon Marina

Ratho Mill, St. Vincent
T: +1 (784) 458 4308
E: info@bluelagoonsvg.com 
W: www.bluelagoonsvg.com/the-marina 

VHF Channel 16 or 68

Sandy Lane Yacht Club 

Glossy Bay, Canouan
T: +1 (784) 533 0000
E: info@slycr.com 
W: https://slycr.com/berthing 

VHF Channel 68

Ottley Hall Marina & Shipyard

Ottley Hall, St. Vincent
T: +1 (784) 457-2178
Fax: +1 (784) 456-1302
E: Ottleyhall@Vincysurf.com

Yacht Agents and Concierge

SVG Yacht Services 

Belmont Rd, Port Elizabeth, Bequia
T: +1 (784) 530-8300/533 2909
E: info@svgyachtservices.com 
W: www.svgyachtservices.com
Fb: @svgyachtservices

Erika’s Marine Services

Clifton, Union Island
T: +1 (784) 485 8335/533 2847
F: +1 (784) 485 8336
E: vip@erikamarine.com 
W: www.erikamarine.com

Marcus Marine Services 

Charlestown, Canouan
T: +1 (784) 492-6472/492-3230
E: markwill101@hotmail.com 
Fb: @marcusmarineservices 

VHF Channel 16

On arrival in the territorial waters of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, yachts must proceed directly to a designated port of entry to complete clearance procedures before heading to another anchorage. With the Q flag hoisted, boats should dock or anchor in the port of entry and only the captain go ashore with the following: 
  • Three crew lists
  • Clearance from the previous port
  • Passports
  • Ship’s papers
Boats must also clear out at one of the official ports before departing St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Private vessels must pay a Cruise Tax to enable unlimited stay in the destination, and chartered yachts must be in possession of a St. Vincent and the Grenadines cruising licence.

All visitors to SVG must have a valid passport, except nationals of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) who can enter with a National ID. Visas are required from citizens of China, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. A return or ongoing ticket is required for all visitors.


A wide range of service supplies for visiting yachters is available including complete yacht provisioning, well-stocked chandleries, laundry services, sail lofts, fuel, water, marine electronics, refrigeration and propane.

  • St. Vincent – Chateaubelair, Wallilabou, Kingstown
  • Bequia – Port Elizabeth
  • Mustique – Britannia Bay
  • Canouan – Charlestown Bay 
  • Union Island – Clifton Harbour.

Pets are allowed from the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia on condition that a health certificate is presented. No pets are allowed from North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia unless they have been in quarantine for 6 months. They can arrive on board yachts but must remain onboard while in the destination.