History & Culture


Petit St. Vincent was an uninhabited island before it was purchased by a small group of sailing friends in 1963. Returning in 1966 they began the work of clearing land to build a small hotel.

Haze Richardson was one of those pioneers and has since passed away, but his wife Lynn still lives on PSV today and welcomes guests to what has now become one of the leading small hotel resorts in the world.

From the start of the resort, PSV received rave reviews and became the place to go for well to do guests looking for that quiet getaway. For years, it has been home to a loyal, repeat guest base longing for the simpler days of the Caribbean before hotel chains made their mark. PSV became the first hotel in the Caribbean to be a member of the Leading Small Hotels of the World and one of the first hotels to be featured in Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report.

In January 2007, Robin Paterson was sailing through the Grenadines on his yacht ZANZIBAR when he first spotted Petit St. Vincent, and fell in love with the island. By coincidence, two years later Robin’s friend Philip Stephenson sailed past the island on his yacht GALILEO and also became infatuated with its charm and beauty.

Phil and Robin resolved to purchase this spectacular island in 2010 and to further invest in it to continue the legacy and integrity of PSV while adding to it with their own vision. Some of the new additions are renovated cottages, a new beach bar and restaurant, and hillside spa.

Already described in many “Top 10” lists as the perfect hideaway, the two friends have continued to keep the island in the ranks of an “ideal escape for successful people who are secure enough to leave things behind for a while” and for those who enjoy the independent nature of life that only Petit St. Vincent can offer.

Source of history: Petit St. Vincent website