Young Island - History & Culture


Legend has it that sometime in the 18th century Sir William Young, the Governor of St Vincent and the Grenadines on behalf of the British crown, was out riding his horse when he came upon Paramount Chief Joseph Chatoyer. Chatoyer was the chief of chiefs of the indigenous Garinagu population. It is said that he was very impressed by the huge, striking white horse ridden by the governor. Upon noticing Chatoyer’s keen admiration for the horse, the governor told him that he will give it to him if he so desires. The great chief was struck by the governor’s generosity and he reciprocated by giving the governor a small island a few yards away from where they stood. And the island became Young’s Island, now known as Young Island.

The island was developed into a luxury resort by John Houser of the Hilton Group and in 1980 ownership moved to its current local owners Mr Vidal Browne and Sir Frederick Ballantyne.