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Union Island

Contact PersonMartin Jennett
Website http://www.scaramouchegrenadines.com
Phone(784) 458 8418

St. Vincent & the Grenadines

About Us

Delighting the discerning traveller to the Grenadines for nearly 30 years, Scaramouch hoists sail most days for the ultimate day out;from Union Island in the heart of the Grenadines islands to the idyllic Tobago Cays and other spectacular island gems.

Visit these breathtaking islands in style! A unique and unforgettable experience,under sail aboard one of  the very last traditional island schooners.  Spacious,uncrowded decks. Lots of room. No loud music. No roaring engines. Just that days-of-old creaking of the rigging... 60 tons of pure island craftsmanship. Step aboard a piece of history!

Tours Offered

  • Marine
  • Snorkeling
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