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Digital Detox In SVG

New research shows that nearly half of us feel so tied down by technology we can't let an email or text pass us by, and have to respond to it. The constant need to keep checking messages and to monitor different websites, can lead to distraction. Our productiveness and stress levels naturally are affected. Allowing yourself to switch off will help to calm your mind and enable you to fully enjoy the present moment.

Digital_DetoxChecking in to SVG provides the opportunity to check out of the hum drum of daily life. Our islands are the perfect place for slowing down, recharging batteries and re-discovering the simple pleasures in life. Now for the first time, visitors to SVG  have the opportunity to experience a Digital Detox - like a health detox, but for your mind - a complete unplugging from the world, designed to wean guests off their technology. Guests will be asked to 'de-tech' and hand over their mobile phones and gadgets surrendering themselves to fully enjoying their technology free break. A number of the hotels in the destination have no televisions in the rooms and technology is discouraged on the beaches. Coupled with the feeling of finding your own Robinson Crusoe style island - there is no better place for the ultimate Digital Detox.

To learn more about how you can detech in SVG, read through our online guide to Digital Detox here or view our video. Plus before you go, be sure to download our mobile app - packed full of essential information about what to do, where to stay and where to explore when you're there.

To book a holiday in the diverse and authentic islands of SVG, please contact your local travel agent.

For UK users who would like to book a Digital Detox holiday please contact Caribtours.