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Whether out hiking in the forest or exploring some of our private and public gardens, St. Vincent’s tropical flora is a joy to behold.  If you are a horticulturalist, an amateur gardener, or someone who simply enjoys plants and flowers, St. Vincent & The Grenadines has so much for you to discover!

Botanical Gardens




Located on the northern outskirts of Kingstown are the Botanical Gardens. Peaceful, lush, green and colourful, the gardens are home to a wealth of tropical plants, flowers, trees and birds.



Occupying 20 acres, the Gardens were created in 1765 by General Robert Melville, governor of the British Caribbean islands, as a plant breeding centre and 'to provide medicinal plants for the military and improve the life and economy of the colony'. Three acres were set aside for the established of a Government House. The Botanical Gardens is the oldest of its kind in the western hemisphere, and celebrated its 240th anniversary in 2005. On February 6th 2012 preparations for the restoration of the site were unveiled as part of the celebration of its 250th anniversary in 2015.

Botanical Gardens

They are famous for being the destination of Captain Bligh’s second visit to the Caribbean in 1798 (his first ended in the infamous mutiny on the Bounty) when he introduced breadfruit to the island. A descendant of one of his original breadfruit trees thrives in today’s gardens.

Promoting the conservation of rare species, the Botanical Gardens aviaries are where visitors can see the beautiful St. Vincent Parrot (Amazona guildingii), our national bird.



There is a paid entrance free, and a friendly optional guide will take you on an informative tour for a small fee. The Gardens is opened from 6am to 6pm daily.
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St. Vincent’s Vermont Nature Trail

These awe-inspiring hikes take you through lush rainforest with an amazing variety of tropical flora, ending up with beautiful scenery and a chance to see the famous St. Vincent Parrot in its natural habitat.


: Medium

Duration: 2 hours

Details: Located in St. Vincent’s southern interior, the Vermont Nature Trail offers great hiking for all ages and abilities. In this 10,870 acre reserve, you can enjoy 2 miles of clearly marked hiking trails through a variety of forest habitats including rainforest and plantation forest. Informative signs describe the fauna and flora you may encounter as you make your way through lush woodlands to the St. Vincent Parrot Look-Out on the far side of the reserve.
Sightings of the rare St. Vincent Parrot are practically guaranteed. Listen for their unmistakable calls and then look out from the view point as they fly above the forest canopy in front of you.

This is also the habitat for the Whistling Warbler, Black Hawk, Cocoa Thrush, the Crested Hummingbird, Redcapped Green Tanager, Green Heron and several other interesting species.

Trekking the Vermont Nature Trail is a fun and educational hiking experience as well as a wonderful destination for bird watching.

Located just 9 miles from Kingstown, driving time is approximately half an hour.

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Firefly Plantation Tours

FireflyTropicalGardenFirefly Plantation Bequia is set in 30 lush acres with orchards of bananas and other tropical fruits and flowers. Enjoy a leisurely guided walk (approx 45 mins) through the grounds with our head grounds man who will give a brief history of the plantation and sugar mill, which dates back to 1789.Sample fruits and vegetables in season, press your own sugar cane juice and learn about the various crops, herbs and flowers growing here. Please wear suitable walking shoes. EC$10 per person - children welcome! 
Afterwards enjoy a refreshing drink of fresh tropical juice at the bar, or a delicious lunch or dinner in the hotel restaurant overlooking the plantation.

Tel: (784) 458 3414


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