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Fabulous desert island treasures, our awe-inspiring beaches are picture perfect - from the powder-white sand beaches that adorn our pretty islands and cays to the picturesque black sand beaches that fringe the windward and leeward coasts on our main island. Take your time - discover our beaches.

St. Vincent

Indian Bay and Villa beaches are popular along the south coast, as is the lovely white sand beach of Young Island.These beaches also have hotels and restaurants nearby.


More secluded black sand beaches include Richmond Beach, Buccament Bay, Mt Wynne, and Petit Byahaut on the leeward coast. Sandy Bay and Black Point Beach are fabulous windward coast beaches.
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Princess Margaret Beach
and Lower Bay Beach great beaches on the leeward coast. On the windward coast, Friendship Bay is long and very pretty, and Spring Bay and Industry Bay have secluded picturesque beaches.
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Macaroni Beach
is perhaps Mustique’s most famous stretch of white sand, though there are also great beaches at L’Ansecoy Bay, Lagoon Bay, Endeavour Bay and Gallicaux Bay.
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Canouan Beaches

Within the Raffles Resort, Carenage Beach is picture perfect. South Glossy Beach, Friendship Bay Beach and Windward Bay Beach are also beautiful Canouan beaches.
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Saltwhistle Bay
is simply idyllic though there are also nice white sandy beaches at Saline Bay and Careenage.
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Tobago Cays

Tobago Cays Beaches

Just pick one. All five cays have lovely white sand beaches. Many tours visit Petit Bateau. Petit Tabac was a film location for the movie Pirates of The Caribbean.
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Palm Island

Palm Island Beaches

Palm Island
is encircled by white sand beaches so you can enjoy all of them at your leisure.
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Union Island

Chatham Bay
is a wonderfully secluded beach easily accessible by boat, otherwise by hiking trail. More accessible and equally pretty are the long stretches of beach at Richmond Bay and Belmont Bay.
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Petit St. Vincent

PSV Beaches

Petit St. Vincent
(PSV) is a private island resort and is almost entirely encircled by powder white sand beaches. Resort guests can take their time to enjoy them all.
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