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Vincentian Diaspora Promotion Launched

Vincentian_Diaspora_Promotion_LaunchedThe SVG Hotel and Tourism Association (SVGHTA), in collaboration with the SVG Tourism Authority (SVGTA), recently launched its first tourism promotion specifically targeting the Vincentian diaspora in North America and the UK.

Some seventeen (17) association members have come together to offer discounts that range from 15% to 47%. This promotion is seeking to increase occupancy levels in the soft periods while encouraging Vincentians living abroad to come home and experience the local tourism product which has been sold for so long to non-Vincentians.

The Diaspora Promotion was launched during Toronto’s Vincy Picnic on 16th July. Next it would be New York’s turn during the Vincy Day USA Family Day scheduled for 20th August.

The Diaspora Promotion will also be offered in Florida, and the UK through the Tourism Authority’s London Office.

Participating members are: Adams Apartment, Bay Hill Apartments, Beachcombers Hotel, Dive St Vincent, Fantasea Tours, Grand View Beach Hotel, Grenadine House, Hillside Apartments, Hotel Alexandrina, Mariners Hotel, Paradise Beach Hotel, Sea Shells Apartments, Sunset Shores Beach Hotel, The Islander’s Inn, Vee Jays Restaurant, Villa Seascape and Young Island Resort.



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