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The beautiful island of Bequia is located just 9 miles to the south of St. Vincent.

It has an area of approximately 7 square miles and its topography combines hills, coastal woodland, fertile plains, coconut plantations, steep cliffs, protected coves and bays, and pristine white sand beaches. The main town is Port Elizabeth which is located on the leeward side of the island on Admiralty Bay, a large natural anchorage that is sheltered from prevailing winds.

Bequia Tourism Association

The population of Bequia is about 4,500 and the official language is English.

The Bequia Tourism Association office is prominently located outside the main ferry wharf. It has maps, brochures, souvenirs and its friendly staff can help you arrange tours, taxis and accommodation.


Bequia Map

Use our Google Maps to explore Bequia.






Without doubt the most popular way to get around Bequia is by open-backed taxi.

Our signature taxis can take you wherever you wish to go and they also offer tours to most of the island’s attractions. You will find them congregating under the almond tree near the wharf in Port Elizabeth.

Fares for island tours are negotiable and should be agreed before starting out. Open-backed taxi tours are a great option for day visitors looking to enjoy as much of Bequia as possible.



A small number of public buses ply fixed routes around Bequia. They are the minibus type and can be identified by the driver’s logo on the front and by a letter ‘H’ on the number plate. Whilst they do not offer island tours and stick rigidly to their routes, they are nevertheless a cheap alternative to private taxis.



Car Rental

Visitors wishing to rent a car must be in possession of a Temporary Driving Permit. This can be obtained from the Police Station on Bay Street in Kingstown or from the Revenue Office in Port Elizabeth. You will need to present your domestic driving license. There are a number of small rental car operators on the island. Hotels can also arrange car hire for you.


As with St. Vincent, driving is on the left. It is possible to rent bicycles on Bequia – look out for them lined up along the shoreline in Port Elizabeth.


Renting a bicycle is a fun way to get around, but bear in mind Bequia has some steep hills so you will need to be fit.



Water Taxi


Water taxis are a popular and inexpensive means of getting around - particularly between Port Elizabeth and Bequia's pretty beaches.

Pick one up along the Belmont Walkway or from Princess Margaret Beach and Lower Bay Beach.


Water Taxis


On Foot

One of the very best ways to explore and get a feel for our island is to walk.

In addition to the main roads there are a number of walking trails around the island making for great exploration. Be sure to carry plenty of water with you as well as some form of sun protection.

Maps are available from the Bequia Tourism Office near the wharf in Port Elizabeth along with details of tour guides should you wish to be accompanied. Most roads are well signposted so, unless you are going off the beaten path, it is difficult to get lost.