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Look out for some of our original local products wherever possible. Your purchases will help our local businesses, artisans and communities. Great souvenirs are bottles of our fabulous Hairoun beer or Sunset rum, but our supermarkets and gourmet stores also carry hot pepper sauces and seasoning sauces that are made by local cottage industries.

shopping1If traveling around the Grenadines, look out for our artisans' workshops and potteries and local people selling jewelry and original clothing. There are several on Bequia, as well as those marvelous hand-crafted model sailing boats for which the island has become so famous.

If you are shopping for fruits and vegetables then the best place to do this is at Kingstown market on either Friday or Saturday. Our capital also has lots of supermarkets, pharmacies, clothing boutiques, hardware stores and even a couple of department stores. If looking for fresh fish, the Kingstown fish market is located on Bay Street next to the bus terminal. There are souvenir shops along Bay Street as well as within the cruise ship terminal building.

Shops in St. Vincent & the Grenadines tend to open at around 8 am and close at 4 pm. Some take an hour for lunch between 1 pm and 2 pm, though not all of them do this. On Saturdays most of our shops close at 1 pm and very few are open on Sundays.

Most of our islands have souvenir shops, boutiques, convenience stores and pharmacies. If you are arriving under sail then Union is very good for provisioning, as is Bequia and Calliaqua on St. Vincent.

Happy shopping!