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Rural Carnival Activities

ruralcarnivalactivities2015Co-ordinator of Rural Carnival activities, Esworth ‘Ezzie’ Roberts is of the view that there is more to rural carnival activities than what meets the eyes. According to Roberts, rural carnivals encourage heightened economic activity where they are staged. "Persons from outside the communities go into these areas and spend their monies, thereby creating additional income,” declared Roberts, at a recent Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) press briefing held at its headquarters at Victoria Park, on Tuesday 28th April.

Rural carnivals also expose new talents, and winning and non-winning contestants from rural queen shows enter the Miss SVG show and make valuable contributions, said Roberts, as he cited some of the benefits of rural carnival activities.

Roberts also stated that rural carnival creates opportunity for artistes entering national Soca and the Ragga Soca competitions, as they have the opportunity to test the popularity of their songs, and fine-tune their performances.

Calypso component

Forty events are down to take place in the 8 zones that have indicated readiness to host rural carnival activities.

There is a noticeable reduction in the number of calypso related events. Roberts attributed this to the cost of using the service of a band, "so over the years, because of the cost of running a calypso show, most of the rural Committees, they are not really hosting a Calypso competition as such. However, they include calypsonians in some of the programmes.”

The Calypso Association is aware of the challenges that exist, Roberts assured, and he confirmed that steel bands will be featured at the various launching and queen shows of the rural carnivals.

New players

Of note for Vincy Mas 2015 is the absence of the North Windward activity organised by the the Owia Sports and Cultural Organisation (OSCO).

This has opened the door for a privately managed activity. Radio personality and private promotor Joel ‘DJ Fugitive’ Bibby has agreed to organise events in the area, to include the J’Ouvert and street jump-up.

According to Roberts, the CDC will not make any monetary input into these activities, but has sanctioned them. "Fugitive’ is responsible for securing sponsorship,” said Roberts, and assured that the arrangement with Bibby was for this year only.

In another change of organizers, a Committee headed by Kasi Simmons will assume responsibility for organising carnival-related activities in Bequia. This was previously undertaken by the group RESCUE Bequia.

The first rural carnival activities to be launched for 2015 was in the Central Leeward district.

Source of Article:
The Vincentian
By: Kenville Horne