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Port Elizabeth, Bequia, St. Vincent & The Grenadines
  Adressinformation Crescent Beach, Port Elizabeth, Bequia, Port Elizabeth Post, St. Vincent & The Grenadines (917) 287 8748


Sugar Reef Bequia offers a local, natural, sensual Caribbean experience at our restaurant and eight guest rooms on a 65-acre, beachfront estate. Sugar Reef's Beach Club restaurant and bar serves locally-inspired farm-to-table meals all day. The decor is inspired by the Caribbean of the 1940s-70s (think James Bond in Jamaica). The guest wing of the Beach Club has three beach front rooms that maintain the tradition of living in sumptuous luxury open to the views and breezes. Our antique-filled hillside great house, with four rooms and a suite, offers breath-taking views of the estate.

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Generally, a 3-night deposit is required, cancellable up to 30 days prior to arrival. For peak period policies, see www.sugarreefbequia.com/reservation-policy.htm


Follow main road out of town past Spring to Crescent Beach (formerly Industry)


2.25 miles from sea port; 5 miles from airport